Monday, 19 February 2018

10 Super Special Gifting ideas from Odisha for any occasion!

There are some days in our lives which are meant to be come and go as if they don’t have their existence at all. Also, there are some days that are so special that they cannot be forgotten ever in life. Many times, we might have expressed our love to our Father, Mother, Sister, Close friends and Relatives but the love and care for that special person which you value the most in life is something which always cherish you.

Gifting to your loved ones (whether it’s a special occasion or not) always expresses your love and care for someone you value. So here is a list of 10 Gifting Ideas that are sure to make your loved ones as happy as they can be and make every occasion memorable – 

1. A Good Bed Time Novel/Short Story book for someone special who loves to read:

Books are always very special for the folks who love to read... In fact no special occasion needed. Just buy it from online and send to someone special. It will be the best gift of yours till date... :)

2. The Lord Jagannath Balabhadra Subhadra Idol set for someone special who finds love in divinity:

Lord Jagannath is considered to be the live deity. What else one need to consider as best gift for someone who loves God more than anything else ! 

Hari Bol.. II Jai JagannathII

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3. Wall Hanging Handmade Wooden Items for Someone who loves home d├ęcor:

Handmade Wooden Idols always fascinating and are one of the best works of an artisan..!!So the idea of gifting this to your loved ones who always likes to decorate his/her home. This truly could be the best gift of yours..! 

4. A Stunning piece of Sambalpuri Saree for someone special who loves traditional attire:

Sambalpuri Saree or Odisha Saree is by far the hardest technique of tie and die also called as Ikkat. That's why they are probably the most stunning and beautiful... This would be by far the most perfect gift for your mother!

5. Elegant Cushion Covers for someone who loves to furbish his/her home:

You keep your head while watching TV or just place them on your thighs while gossiping - Yes, Cushions are the ones. But a cushion is incomplete without a beautiful Cushion Cover. Now don't think much.. Grab it for someone you love or gift it to yourself! 

6. Amazing Marble Stone statues to give an attractive look to your Showcase.

Marble - The Taj Mahal Stone will now be available at your place.!! With a timeless and luxurious look, you will instantly fall in love with this. It could be the coolest gift for someone you care!

7. Marvelous Bamboo made Gifts for a Nature Lover:

The nature itself has a lot to give you! Bamboo made Gifts are so versatile that you can get anything made out of it from flooring to artifacts... A great gift for the friend of yours who is a Nature Lover! 

8. Breathtaking Pattachitra Painting for the supreme art lover:

"Art is now what you see, but what you make others see." As rightly said, you can be able to express your feelings, emotions through an Art or a Picture which you cannot express in words. So pick a beautiful Pattachitra Painting of Radha and Krishna and simply give it to a person who you value so much in your life..

9. Splendid Dhokra Showpiece for a fan of "Carved Items”:

Are you a fan of antique things? Then this will surely interest you. Dhokra Items have golden yellow finish and so traditional that you will fall in love instantly. You can keep it for yourself or gift it to your special person who also love Carved Items.

10. Captivating handmade Ladies Purse for someone who you value the most:

Ladies Purse is a style statement for a woman. She can carry it with her wherever she goes whether it's for a shopping or just for a normal outdoor walk. Nothing could be the best gifting option for a lady other than this!

This is only the beginning of the never-ending love between you and your loved ones. So, shower them on the gift lists (mentioned above) making the occasion a really special and be on the top of the world!

Love from Ritikart!