Saturday, 12 May 2018

MOTHER'S DAY - Few things which you must know about this Day !

Mothers; are said to be the LIVE God on earth. It's said that - God could not be everywhere, and therefore He made Mothers. A Mother is one who loves us so much that at times, we don't value it.. A Mother is one who makes us realize how good are we.. No one is better than us ! A Mother is one who laughs when we laugh, who cries when we cry..! A Mother is one without who we cannot think of our existence...! A Mother is Everything..!

With the above dialogue on Mothers from the famous bollywood movie "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai", it's easily understood about the value and role of our Mother in our life. So here we are to celebrate a Day specially dedicated to Mother - MOTHER'S DAY !

Let's know few known/unknown facts about this MOTHER'S DAY:

1. ANNA JARVIS - Founder of the Mother's Day in USA in 1910:

Anna Jarvis is the first woman who celebrated Mother's Day to honor her mother in USA. In 1910, this is widespread and widely accepted the "2nd Sunday of May" as the Mother's Day.

2. The Founder herself "boycotted" the Mother's Day:

After she founded Mother's day, the concept has been misused and commercialized by few companies as they started selling Gifts and Cards on Mother's day. When Anna knew this thing, she immediately boycotted the Mother's Day Idea.

3. Anna Jarvis remained "UNMARRIED and Childless":

Though being founder of the "Mother's Day", Anna Jarvis remained unmarried and childless in her entire life.

4. Mother's Day Celebration in different countries:

Though in India, the Mother's Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May, but it's not same everywhere. In some countries like UK and Ireland, this special day dedicated to mothers, is observed on the "Women's Day" in the month of March.

5. Mother's Day - A Special Thank to your Mom:

No one can take the place of a Mother. So it's is the best time to speak out from our heart and say how much we love her. It's the day to make her feel important and be happy..!

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