Friday, 16 March 2018

Biranchi - The Real Hero Odisha

In the Year, 1987….. in a small village called BALANGA in Puri District, Mr. Biranchi Narayana Behera was born in a poor family.

Due to the family conditions, he was forced to leave his studies after Class 10. With no other options for livelihood, he has chosen Odisha’s Traditional Art form – Palm Leaf Engraving as his career path.

Since then, he was deeply involved in this Traditional Art and traveled across various parts of India, attended numerous exhibitions just to promote our rich culture.

As rightly said by Abdul Kalam that “Confidence with hard work is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure”, Mr. Behera is the perfect example of this. Due to his dedication and contribution to this traditional art, he won the Prestigious Lalit Kala Academy award in the year 2015.

After that, he has started his own school of Palm leaf Art determined to keep the tradition alive and transfer this art to the upcoming generation. Today, he merely gets Rs.10,000 from the state government which is not sufficient for him to maintain his own livelihood and his school. This World-Class Artist innocently says "ଆଜ୍ଞା, ପଇସା ଆମର ବେଶି ଦରକାର ନାହିଁବାସ ଆମେ ଆମ କଳାକୁ ନେଇ ଆଜି ଯାଏ ବଞ୍ଚି ଆସିଛୁ..ଆଗକୁ ବି ବଞ୍ଚିବୁ.. ବାସ ଆମକୁ ଟିକେ Support ଦରକାର.” (We don’t need much money.. We just want this traditional art form to get support and encouragement as they deserve).

 (Pic Source: Mr. Behera with his Students)

Like him, there are many other artists of Odisha are not getting proper support and encouragement. Though there are a lot of plans and schemes made by the State Government for the upliftment of the art, it’s been not successfully implemented on the ground level.

(Pic Source - Few mastery work by Mr. Behera; the first in the above row won him the Lalit Kala Academy award)

Please give your support to this rarest art form – Palm Leaf Painting and Engraving and spread the word to every corner of the world so that the artists like Mr. Biranchi Narayana Behera, get that they deserve the best.

    (Pic Source: The tools used for etching on the Palm Leaf sheet made by the dry palm leaves sewed  back to back)

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